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This blog is dedicated to our fish. We have four tanks at home. The inhabitants of the biggest tank are a Tiger Oscar, a Jack Dempsey, a Red Tiger (Motaguense), a Jaguar (Managuense) and a Pleco. A Red Devil and two Convicts live in a separate tank. An Albino Oscar is the only fish in our third tank. And we have lots of baby Convicts in a smaller tank. We will share their stories, photos and videos here. Enjoy!

You may also want to check Flickr for more photos or YouTube for videos.

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Great blog! What kind of camera do you use to take the photos? They are all fantastic.

Thanks. We use Konica Minolta Dimage Z1, 3.2 megapixels, 10x optical zoom.

oh dear it's a great PIC and Video
can i used it
Malaysia Cichlid

sure you can.

Do you have a overgrown oscar,that you dont want anymore? for any reason ? let me know! I adopt any kind .dempsey too! or I,will buy babies.Can any one help? I want to get a new tank ready/new fish to disply on utube video"s. thanks, p.s. also trying yo find beautiful shovelnose catfish .(tiger) tammy 2-21-09

I will resuce your over grown oscar"s if you no longer what them. also looking for alot of baby oscar"s 4/sale. I need a beautiful shovelnose cat fish .!!!! can anyone help????? I want to set up new tank to disply on utube!!!!I will pay 4? fish. resonable!.thanks. tt.

t.t/ I love oscar"S!I will buy them .oscar rescue 2-21-09

I absolutely love your fish!!! But, i do beg to differ that that is a parachromis loisellei cichlid and not a parachromis motaguense. Your loisellei does look to be a very nice male though.

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